Woman Carried For 12 km To Nearest Ambulance, Delivers On Way, Baby Dies In Andhra Pradesh

The woman gave birth on the way; the newborn died before she could get to the ambulance


An eight-month pregnant woman in Andhra Pradesh was carried by her husband and other villagers for 12 km through a forest so she could make it to an ambulance. 22-year-old Jindamma, who was suffering labour pains, gave birth on the way. Her baby boy died before she could get to the ambulance.

Visuals of Jindamma’s traumatic journey to the nearest medical facility showed her husband carrying her in a “stretcher” fashioned out of a bamboo pole, sari and cane basket. A small group of villagers followed close behind, ready to take over carrying duties when Jindamma’s husband was tired.

They were forced to stop when excruciating pain signalled Jindamma was in labour. 

Jindamma, a mother of two, is in hospital after excessive bleeding.

Tragically, this is not an uncommon incident in Vijayanagaram, a tribal region in Andhra Pradesh that has rough terrain and hardly any roads.

The lack of roads and proper access to health care has been taken up emphatically by actor-politician Pawan Kalyan, whose Jana Sena party plans to contest the national elections from this region. Pawan Kalyan has accused mainstream parties of ignoring basic infrastructure in remote parts of the state.

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