“Not Mission Impossible For Us To Penalise”: Mumbai Police Warns Bikers

Mumbai Police has also urged bikers not to replicate Tom Cruise’s stunts. (Representational)


Warning bikers against performing stunts on the city roads, Mumbai Police have tweeted a clip from Hollywood star Tom Cruise’s latest release ‘Mission Impossible- Fallout”. The 12-second clip shows Tom Cruise riding a bike in style without wearing a helmet and colliding with a car while looking back.

“Not an impossible mission for us to penalize you if you are spotted trying these stunts on the road of Mumbai! That’s the job. No hard feelings,” the tweet warned stunt bikers who might feel tempted to replicate Tom  Cruise

Spots like Marine Drive, Bandra Reclamation stretch that starts after the sealink towards the Western Express Highway, Bandra, Govandi are favourites ared hot spots for bikers. 

Mumbai Police has also urged bikers to wear helmets and avoid rash driving with the hash tags “safety is possible” and “Say no to rash driving.”


The Tom Cruise video, which was posted by the police Monday afternoon has been viewed by more than 27,000 people and liked by 2700. 

People however hit back with trolls “Lol @MumbaiPolice Tom Cruise still survives that, because there are no manholes unlike India, because the government doesn’t take the initiative to fix them. That’s why people don’t pay tax,” writes @TanishqDesai777.

Another user going by tweeter handle @1harshal said, “Can’t ride like this in Mumbai #potholes makes this “Mission Impossible”. 

Another user says: “You have 3 choices: wear helmet, face a fine or answer in the court. The choice is yours alone. Good Luck”.

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