Man Lay On Rail Track In Mumbai. Dramatic Rescue Recorded On CCTV

Around 1:30 PM on Monday, a 54-year-old man lay himself down on railway track.


Around 1.30 pm on Monday at Mumbai’s Kurla Railway station, a man quietly went to the tracks and lay down, sparking a commotion. Several people on the platform spotted him, some screamed, and a few jumped on to the tracks to drag him to safety. The rescue by commuters and a Railway Protection Force personnel, in a matter of seconds, has been caught on CCTV.

Narendra Damaji Kotekar, 54, told the security officer, who was pulling him off the tracks, that he wanted to end his life as he was fed up of family problems.

Watch the rescue footage here:

The police contacted Kotekar’s family and sent him home after counseling.

Days ago, a commuter was saved by an alert policeman at Panvel railway station. The man, unable to hop on to the train, gained speed and was dragged on the edge of the platform. Railway police personnel jumped and pulled him back in the nick of time. Passengers rushed in and supported the policeman.

On February 5, a seven-year-old boy was saved by a constable from the Railway Protection Force at Naigaon railway station in Mumbai. The constable Sunil Kumar Napa’s swiftly pulled the boy who was about to slip into a small gap between the train track and the platform.

(With Inputs From ANI)

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