Mamata Banerjee Predicts “Civil War, Bloodbath” Over Assam Citizen List

Mamata Benerjee addressed the media in Delhi today.

New Delhi: 

Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee today tore into the government over the Assam citizens’ list, predicting the move will lead to “civil war and bloodbath” — comments that drew a sharp reaction from BJP chief Amit Shah.

As her party kept up the pressure in parliament, stalling the functioning of Rajya Sabha, Ms Banerjee, who is in Delhi,  said the National Register of Citizens is being done with a “political motive”.

“We will not let this happen. They (BJP) are trying to divide the people. The situation cannot be tolerated. There will be a civil war, bloodbath in the country,” she said.

“How will they live in Assam?  Where will they get food, shelter, schools?” Ms Banerjee said, referring to the 40 lakh people whose names have not appeared on the list.  

“I am surprised to see that the names of our former President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed’s family members are not on the NRC Assam list,” Ms Banerjee said. “What else can I say? There are so many people whose names are not there”.

The government has made it clear that the list is only a draft. In the evening, BJP chief Amit Shah, in a rare press conference said there will be ample opportunities for the people to prove their citizenship, which will be verified through a process laid down by the Supreme Court.

At a press conference yesterday, Ms Banerjee had said it was the government’s  “game plan to evict humanity and human beings forcibly and an attempt to isolate them in order to play vote politics”.

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