If Congress Doesn’t Win, I Pray Rahul Gandhi Gets A Wife: Sadhvi Prachi

Sadhvi Prachi said he visited Baba Gorakhnath with the special wish of Rahul Gandhi’s life partner


Firebrand Hindutva leader Sadhvi Prachi on Monday offered prayers at the Gorakhnath temple here on the first Monday of the holy month of Saavan, and said she prayed for a life partner for Congress president Rahul Gandhi.

Speaking to reporters after visiting the temple, Ms Prachi said, “I have been regularly coming here to seek the blessings of Baba Gorakhnath, but this time I came with a special wish.”

“I prayed that if they (the Congress) do not get a majority to form the government, may Rahul get a life partner. (Agar unhe sarkar ke liye bahumat na mile, to Rahul Gandhi ko bahu mil jaaye,” said Prachi.

Hitting out at Ms Prachi, UP Congress spokesperson Ashok Singh said, “It has become a trend for these people to ridicule the top leadership of the Congress. In fact, their survival heavily depends on such trivial statements. And when a Sadhvi is making such statements, it is simply in very bad taste.”

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