Government Issues Advisory As Toxic Jellyfish Spotted At Mumbai Beaches

Jellyfish sting causes physical pain and redness of the affected body part. (Representational)


The Maharashtra government today issued an advisory asking people against entering the sea, as toxic jellyfish have been found on Girgaum and Juhu beaches in the city.

State commissioner for fisheries Aurn Vidhale said jellyfish have been flown along with the waves.

“The jellyfish stings the person who comes into its contact. It causes physical pain and that body part becomes red. There may be deafness or that particular part becomes numb. Some vinegar and hot water should be poured on the affected part,” he said.

Mr Vidhale said a person should seek medical help in case the pain persists.

“The jellyfish generally comes to sea shore for reproduction,” he said.

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